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Water cleaning cleaner connector 
Sales volume:361
Brand: switle Introduction: A dual-use vacuum cleaner has a dry and hydro modes. It can be used for tiding up the vehicles, cleaning the sofas, rugs, and for removing the stains.
Made in: Japan

Product Information                  

Switle is the world’s first vacuum cleaner connector! It is just needed to be connected to the  household vacuum cleaner, and it will turn into a hydro-vacuum cleaner!

Ninety-nine  out of a hundred vacuum cleaners are known as a regular one’s that are banned  from cleaning the waterborne substances, but a Japanese vacuum cleaner Switle  rejects any difficulties and finds an easy way to clean up the dirt on the  carpets or sheets by washing it, and the main principle of the cleaner is to  constantly rinsing and sucking the water by the machine around the dirt area  for several times until you get to see the result.  

A new elementary knowledge of cleaning!

It is today's new modification in Switle among certain connectors to the vacuumcleaners! It matches only those vacuum cleaners, that spouting the water,washes up the dirty spots using a water, and takes the form of a vacuum cleanerthat sucks the dust as a regular one with a shake. It can take care of coffeestains, food substance stains and even the pets’ urine. Switle helps to get ridof the headaches when it comes to cleaning part.

Instructions for "switle"

1.Pourclean water into the clean water tank and connect Switle to the vacuum cleaner.

2.Startthe vacuum cleaner and clean the dirt from the water outlet.

3.Thewater outlet for a clean water pours out clean water and pumps out wastewater,inhaled wastewater automatically enters the wastewater storage tank.

4.Thepulley fan separates the water from the air, and the vacuum cleaner itselfdraws only air.

5.All cleaning can be doneby discharging wastewater, and the switch itself can be washed directly withwater without turning the electricity on.

"switle's" technology and design

Thisis the first patent in the world that can completely separate wastewaterwithout entering inside of a vacuum cleaner!

Acertain amount of today's vacuum cleaners let the water to flow out and besucked back at the same time! The secret is in the pulley fan above theflushing hole and the storage tank using the patented back-flow turbinetechnology.


Switle can be used on almost all vacuum cleaners, including Dyson manual vacuum cleaners, but not on vertical vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots.  

■Name of commodity: Switle connector - a  hydro-vacuum cleaner

Marking of goods: SKJP-switle



■Weight(approx):themain body:1.2 kg  

  A steel ball valve: 130 g  


■Containercapacity:The tank for clean water: 500 ml  

  A FULL line on a receptacle for dirty water 600 ml



※The color of the goods on the web page maydiffer slightly from the color of the product itself, please excuse us forinconvenience.

※As for the design, it can be changed at any time, please excuse us forinconvenience.






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