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SIRIUS is aimed at developing of MIP.

Marketing Initiating Product  New market innovative products

To make up for the dissatisfaction and inconvenience of customers who have not been able to meet the requirements of the goods until now ——

“Unsatisfied strong living needs, ie potential needs”. In order to solve this demand, Sirius hopes to create a unique and high-quality product that can bring new changes to life by “making things that are not available now”.

All markets start with the creation of that market, that begins from arising of the first products.

Through the development and marketing of goods and services created by this emerging market, Sirius will create new classifications that have not existed so far, aiming at new market creation.

In addition, Sirius hopes to create a new classification market for “household electric appliances” to make Japanese home appliances regain their vitality.

There are still possibilities for household electric appliances.  What is the size of the market? What are the consumer trends? Such discussions are constantly being mentioned, and Sirius believes that it is important to create the comodities that customers want.

Sirius hopes to create this product with the courage to move forward.

(The MIP theory is a marketing theory advocated by the director of the Japan Market Creation Research Association, Ms. Meize, to promote the success rate of commodity development and long-term sales.)



Commercial policy of Sirius

1.Sirius can settle the customer’s any “caused complications”.


The current market is tend towards mature saturated condition. It is a high-consumption society where commodity exceeds demand. We are carefully moving to the market with our customers, and we delve into unmet life needs that our customers have not noticed, and we strive to develop products that make every customer happy.

2.Sirius can settle any “causes complications”of the client companies .


Excellent products and technologies. A detailed informing of the customers that this is what they need and a fully conveying the value of the product itself. More effective implementation on the market means sales growth and multiplication. Sirius uses its extensive network and open reforms to provide products and solutions that maximize the benefits of a partner company.

3.Sirius can solve any regional or social “cause complications”.


Sirius uses its accumulated marketing skills and experience to actively solve various problems in the region and society. With the development of social marketing, Sirius contributes to improving the living environment of consumers along with the revival and activation of the region.

Sirius’ course of action


Sirius firmly adheres to the “quality first” policy.

Siriusadheres to the priority of quality and adheres to the “priority of the qualityof Japan”. It is not only the “quality” of products and services, but also thequality of management, which has priority over the “confidence that equals toquality” of the customers, suppliers and cooperative companies. The survivaland prosperity of the company depends on the “client”. Sirius believes the mostimportant thing are, for example, product capacity, production capacity, sales,etc. Competence and customer support are essential business resources. Itsroots lie in the customer's trust in Sirius.


Sirius sets a “partial separation partnerships”.

Siriushas become the “main leader” in creating markets thanks to the fast operationof several high-end products.

“Productequals to Design Thinking”, introducing product innovations and design ideasthat can stimulate consumers and the market, “production is a material” to makecreativity more specific, production technologies and production managementshould create a horizontal division of labor cooperation trusted by reliablepartners.

We will establish strong partnershipswith strategic partners for the most appropriate problem solving partners,establish cooperation goals and learn from each other on the basis of “independence,self-discipline and self-reliance” to solve problems.


Siriuspromotes a “market entry strategy for the production of hot sales products”(the first time appearance on the market).

Siriustakes full advantage of the role of the producer and focuses on the creation ofpopular items. The best-selling element of a product is its own product. Bestsellersoriginally had a “sales quality”. Marketing - is the search for products withthe “quality of sales” and the improvement of this quality, which makes itpopular, and marketing becomes a propaganda.

Sirius’s job is to judgethe quality of goods from an unknown first impression and intuitiveness in asubstantial state, as well as to predict the possibility of growth andexpansion of new markets so that they can be put on the market.






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